DFK Crosbie Team Newcastle

Manager, Hospitality

David Farley

Working with clients to add value to their business is what David Farley does best and his services are in high demand among hotels, registered clubs, not-for-profit groups and small businesses.

As a value-adding expert, David thrives on exploring avenues for potential in organisations of all sizes. He’s highly experienced (and in his element) when it comes to feasibility studies, strategic planning and due diligence for large entities.

Salary packaging and not-for-profit exemptions are also his specialty areas. 

“Business is all about striving to do better. Providing a high level of service in each step of the process means a high level of value! That’s what drives me.”

David has 20 years experience in the accounting and advisory business as a registered tax agent and Chartered Accountant.

He’s also involved in educating the next generation of accountants by working with Chartered Accountants Australia (formerly the Institute of Chartered Accountants).