Partner at DFK Crosbie

Derrick Eube

Partner with DFK Crosbie | hotel industry specialist | business adviser and accountant | business development and strategic planning | business acquisitions

Are you in the hotel industry? Are you benefiting from industry best-practice benchmarking and business planning?

Derrick Eube is a hotel industry expert and a trusted adviser to some of the best performing venues in metropolitan and regional New South Wales.

What makes him tick?

“Client success. That means the value of their hotel increases. I’m passionate about it!”

Derrick is emphatic that DFK’s commitment to benchmarking against industry trends and best-practice is a key reason for that client success and trust.

“Because we look after 300 hotels across the state, we’re very fortunate we can build up an enormous data base of information and averages at hotels. So we can utilise the information and share the knowledge with our clients. We know what percentages they should be setting for wages, bar and gaming machines. And we know how they should be performing.

“Using specific benchmarks, we know if there are areas of inefficiency…we’re specialists in our area and that’s a huge advantage to our clients”

Clients rely on Derrick’s inside-out industry knowledge. They also appreciate the genuine rapport he builds, and his commitment to keeping them absolutely up-to-date on what’s happening in the hotel industry and how that impacts their business. And if that means a five hour drive to see a regional client face-to-face, so be it.

“You know their business and how it operates. I always encourage a rapport with the future generations as well, to promote long term planning. I think the biggest measure of trust is that we’re also dealing with the next generation.”

A partner with leading accountants and business advisers DFK Crosbie since 2005, Derrick has more than 25 years expertise as a management accountant and strategic adviser to the hospitality industry.