DFK Crosbie Team Newcastle

Manager, Audit Services

Grant Snaddon

Grant Snaddon is an accountant and auditor who works with health and medical businesses, registered clubs and various other industries to verify their processes and performance.

If you’re in business, you probably realise the value of an audit can’t be overstated in terms of minimising risk and identifying areas for improvement. If there’s a problem with systems or staff not following processes, it won’t go unnoticed.

“Audit is all about risk. If you’re in charge of a business you want to know that ultimately the numbers are right, otherwise how can you tell how the business is performing?”

Grant has specialised in auditing for more than ten years and loves the process of dissecting a business operation to fully understand its goals—and bring to light any issues preventing those goals being realised.

Grant Snaddon is a chartered accountant and has a Bachelor of Commerce.