DFK Crosbie Team Newcastle

Manager - Business Services

Greg Logue

Minimising your tax and managing cash flow are big challenges for any business owner and this is where Greg Logue can help.

Greg is a manager in our Business Services division and for more than a decade he has helped business owners in construction & trades, manufacturing, retail and many other industries.

He’s passionate about supporting his clients along their business journey and aims to remove the stress that’s so often associated with the financial aspects of running a business.

“If you’re generating profit you’ve got to be paying tax but how do you minimise that tax? And how do you manage your cash flow in relation to tax payments and everyday business decisions?”

As well as making your life easier, Greg’s specialty is helping you identify opportunities to improve and grow your business.

Greg freely admits he loves seeing when a client is successful. From our perspective, the solid client relationships he’s developed over the past decade are proof of his professionalism and commitment to great results. And that means peace of mind for our clients.

Greg Logue is a Certified Practicing Accountant and has a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting).