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When you own a health or medical business, your time is precious. You can neither compromise on the health of your patients nor on your business processes. Also, compliance to the changes in legislation within the healthcare industry is vital.

At DFK Crosbie we have advisers who specialise in your sector. Ours is a holistic service that saves you worry and helps your business succeed.

“When you own a health or medical business you need proactive tax strategies and time-saving processes… but that’s not enough to guarantee success. You need strategic planning that suits your business and your personal goals.”

– Renae Korsman, Partner at DFK Crosbie.

Modern accounting systems are a wonderful tool for any health and medical enterprise. But they can’t replace a trusted adviser who understands your business, what drives its profitability and how to achieve your strategic goals. 

You need superior taxation strategies and business advice to meet your objectives. Just as your business provides health and medical expertise, we specialise in helping you reach your business goals.

Health and Medical

Key Services

Our key service offerings for the healthcare sector include but are not limited to the following:

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Why DFK Crosbie?

While you attend to patient care and wellness, DFK Crosbie is focussed on giving your business the primary care it needs. 

At DFK Crosbie, we provide you with a holistic service. It’s so much more than number crunching. Our specialist accountants and advisers bring expertise, new ideas and potential you haven’t even thought of.

Our specialist medical tax accountants in Newcastle recommend quarterly management reporting to identify issues, including compliance and obligations, before they become problems. Our focus remains on your profits and your peace of mind, enabling you to focus your energy on the areas of work and life that are most important to you.

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The accounting and tax services provided by DFK Crosbie have been my business saver. My healthcare facility was facing compliance and tax issues, but they quickly took charge and put an end to my worries. Their team is outstanding! I would highly recommend them.
- DFK Crosbie Client

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How to maintain a high standard of healthcare

Quality healthcare isn’t just about the physical care, but everything that goes on behind the scenes that support the practice too. From upgrading to the latest technology to reviewing your taxes in a time-efficient manner, there’s a lot that a medical business needs to keep in mind.

Download our eBook which includes some things to think about in order to assist you in maintaining a high standard of healthcare for your patients.

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