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How the hospitality industry can best support its local community

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For a long time, one of the best ways the hospitality industry could support its community was simply by hiring the locals. Hotels employ 300,000 people across Australia, generating between $11 and $14 billion a year in domestic economic activity, according to Tourism Accommodation Australia. So they do a good deal for the economy as is.

However, there is more you can do to engage and support the local community.

In fact, it’s encouraged that hospitality managers in Australia look into strategies that contribute to the economic growth of their greater neighbourhood – by doing so, you can improve your business’ overall revenue. That said, here are three easy ways you can make your hotel more community-centric.

1. Host community social nights

What attracts a crowd more than a fun night out? Nothing! Social nights are easy to organise as well. Dedicate an evening to the ladies, host a paint night, or put on a quiz night – just make sure all of these evenings include some type of discount. These are activities that reward customers for their loyalty to your hotel while also providing them with weekly entertainment. In time, you’ll likely start to see regular faces.

However, social nights don’t need to be limited to adults. Depending on your space, you might be able to consider hosting the venue for dances, talent shows and other school functions as well. The possibilities are endless!

2. Invite local bands to entertain guests

There’s a lot of great undiscovered talent out there – some of which is probably struggling to be seen right in your very community! Forget trying to book the latest talent coming into town – Sydney is full of rising stars who just want to get in front of an audience. People want to support local talent and therefore, they will want to support your establishment. 

3. Sponsor local sports teams

Has an area sports team come to you looking for sponsorship? This is a great way to get involved and literally support the community! Giving just a little bit of money, you can get your name on the jersey for all to see. After the game, the team will likely show their appreciation by coming to you celebrate. You might even be able to host a little bit of a pot luck dinner before one of the big games to show your unyielding enthusiasm for the win.

If you’d like more information on how you can improve your specific community, reach out to DFK Crosbie’s business advisory team today. 

Repost from Jan 2018.

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