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How to help your hotel get ahead of the competition

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The hospitality industry in Australia is booming and as such, competition is more fierce than ever. With homesharing services cropping up, there are a lot more players in the game vying for tourist’s attention. In fact, Airbnb has recently reported that it contributes $214million to Sydney and its suburbs, and $1.6billion to the value of tourism in Australia in total. Despite Airbnb, some 8.5million people still book traditional accommodation in Australia every year.

That’s 8.5 million reasons to ensure your hotel accounting and marketing is up to date – without that, your business could struggle to compete. Which areas of your hospitality services could you be looking into?

Stay on top of regulatory compliance requirements

These days, people are travelling specifically to taste new foods (they’re called foodies) so you have to ensure your food service is up to code with Food Standards Australia New Zealand and local environmental health officers.

Of course, complying to those requirements is much easier when you automate tracking services giving you a digital checklist of everything in your inventory. An automated checklist helps you see what is in your stock, and for how long. This way you can be proactive about ordering new stock or ruling out what isn’t moving, improving your overall kitchen operations.

Always stay connected

Accommodation with Wi-Fi is an absolute necessity for the modern traveller. So if you’re going to include that service in your hotel, you need to ensure not only that it works, but it works well.

Plus, when your guests are properly connected to the Wi-Fi, they can check-in, share their location or, better yet, post pictures of your establishment serving as invaluable marketing.

Monitor hotel operations with regular reporting

Regular, quarterly management reporting and hotel accounting are a must in the modern hospitality industry, however, that information is only so useful if you actually understand what it is telling you and how you can put it into action. This advice is highly specialised and therefore often very time consuming on top of what hotel managers are already doing.

That’s where specialists like DFK Crosbie come in – we provide industry-leading accounting and advice in the hospitality sector so you can structure your business accordingly.

For more information on how to specifically help your hotel get ahead of the competition, contact our team and sign up for our newsletters today.

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