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Partner at DFK Crosbie

Jason Bartlett

Partner at DFK Crosbie | accountant | business adviser and strategist | building and construction industry specialist | SME specialist  |  unique businesses

Are you in the building and construction business? Or perhaps a unique industry that doesn’t fit the typical business mold? Do you have an adviser who actively monitors your business all year round, not just once a year at tax time?

Jason Bartlett is a strategic business adviser who believes that diving deep into a business with face-to-face contact and regular “health checks” is the only way to operate.

There’s 25 years experience talking as Jason highlights what you’re missing out on if you don’t receive regular management reporting. Ideally it’s quarterly but at the very least, six monthly.

“It’s like a Fit Bit for your business. It’s the information and the input you need to know how your business is running and how to run it better!”

“All these things add up to peace of mind. Are you confident you’re resourcing your business right with no risk of cash flow troubles?”

Jason specialises in advice and strategy for building and construction businesses with a turnover of $2-million plus. He also loves working with unique businesses in non-typical industries, for example a niche tourism or hospitality offering.

“These businesses aren’t like hotels where you have a truckload of direct competitors to benchmark against. It’s actually diving right into the business and looking at key areas to tell you how it’s running and where you can build and improve.”

Jason Bartlett became a Partner of leading accountants and business advisers DFK Crosbie in 2003 and is a chartered accountant and business adviser.