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Partner at DFK Crosbie

Kirsty Porteous

Partner with DFK Crosbie | accounting and auditing specialist | financial reporting | strategic business planning | private companies, NFPs and registered clubs

Are you looking for success in your business but also your life?

Do your business decisions factor in your family and lifestyle goals?

Kirsty Porteous is a highly experienced accountant and strategic business planner and her success working with business owners in an array of industries speaks volumes.

The accounting business these days is no longer merely about number crunching—it’s a holistic service that builds success and profitability based on a genuine understanding of a client’s aspirations.

And it’s a realm in which Kirsty excels.

“Over the years I have formed brilliant relationships with some clients and have played a part in so many aspects of their life decisions. Yes, their life decisions.

“Because business decisions can’t be made in isolation, they must be made in the greater context of someone’s lifestyle and family.”

Kirsty has more than 20 years’ experience working with a large range of industries including manufacturing, professional services, registered clubs and non-profit organisations. She’s adamant that driving the business and the profit so often comes down to a great relationship between client and adviser.

“I’ve got clients I’ve dealt with for a really long time in all facets of their business and working life and I’m called upon for lots of different requests, probably half the time it’s got nothing to do with strict accounting or tax. I’m that person who can pull it all together for them or source what they need”.

A partner with leading accountants and business advisers DFK Crosbie since 2004, Kirsty’s specialties include external auditing and consulting services to registered clubs, non-profit organisations and private companies.