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Working together in pursuit of your success is our purpose and our privilege. 

For registered clubs and all NFPs, accountability and strategic planning are paramount. As one of Australia’s leading accountants and business advisers, we offer high-value financial opinion and auditing for large NFP’s. We also provide a full range of services including management reporting, due diligence, feasibility studies, compliance and more.

“The big picture is that registered clubs and not-for-profits bring so much benefit to the whole community… but that can’t happen unless they’re profitable and compliant. That’s where DFK Crosbie’s expertise comes into play.”

– Shaun Mahony, Partner at DFK Crosbie.

Like any large turnover business, Not for Profits need a clearly defined strategy to realise their specific goals and maintain a viable operating model. As a decision maker or stakeholder in any NFP or registered club, you rely on the financial information that’s presented to you by managers. You’re accountable for the decisions you make based on that information. So it’s critical that it’s reliable.

We have a specialised team of accountants and auditors whose expertise lies in looking after NFPs and registered clubs.

Not for Profit

Key Services

At DFK Crosbie, our key service offerings for ‘Not for Profit’ organisations include the following:

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Why DFK Crosbie?

As leading accountants and business advisers, our expertise and financial opinion are highly regarded. That’s because we have been specialising in this sector for more than 20 years. We have a team of accountants and auditors who have demonstrated experience in looking after NFPs and registered clubs.

A Holistic Service

We provide you with comprehensive auditing and accounting services to give your stakeholders peace of mind. Our specialist not for profit team also conducts efficiency reviews and management reporting.

At DFK Crosbie we’re often engaged to conduct feasibility studies and examine proposals for expansion, redevelopment or re-structuring. We also advise on ways your club or NFP can improve its systems and processes to achieve maximum efficiency and accountability.

dfk crosbie testimonials and reviews
The team from DFK took their time to get to know our business and understand our complex structure. They then thoroughly combed through our records and systems whilst engaging with us in order to best work together through the process. The team of staff were accommodating, supportive and flexible. Beyond the professional, they were also lovely and considerate to work with. I really appreciated their thorough approach to the task, the quality of their recommendations and the manner in which the whole experience was executed. I would definitely recommend DFK Crosbie to any business in transition, whether that be status, leadership or in relation to their sector. I would also recommend their services specifically to any NFP organisation.
- Damien, General Manager, Newcastle Meals on Wheels

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Treat your NFP like an enterprise

Treat your Not for Profit like an enterprise

Not-for-Profit (NFP) organisations aren’t run with making money in mind – but that doesn’t mean they should be managed with a lax attitude to proper business process and good governance.

In fact, one of the defining features for organisations and clubs in this sector is the need for accountability and strategic planning. Keeping on top of these important day-to-day elements is only possible if you treat your NFP like a functioning enterprise. This is paramount for charity groups that want to survive and thrive in the Australian NFP sector.

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