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Partner at DFK Crosbie

Renae Korsman

Partner at DFK Crosbie | taxation strategist | business adviser | award-winning accountant | specialist in hospitality and medical industries | Partner with DFK Crosbie

Are you in the hospitality or medical business? Are you confident you’re in the best possible business structure and paying the least possible amount of tax?

A highly regarded taxation strategist and business adviser, Renae Korsman applies her expertise to great effect on to small to medium businesses and specialises in the hospitality and medical industries.

Renae works with extraordinary energy to give her clients peace of mind with proactive taxation strategies to suit their situation.

The more complicated the better.

“I absolutely love getting a new client on board and giving their structure a health check to see if it’s optimum for them. That means understanding how their business works and questioning whether they’re in the best structure. Can we move them to something else, especially if there’s a plan to sell the business down the track?”

“It could be the difference in paying a lot of tax—or none”

Renae says successful tax strategy is born from knowing your client and what they want to achieve.

“Some business owners want to pass it down through generations. Some plan to sell. So you need to match the structure to what your client wants to achieve out of that business. And you need to do it now, well in advance of any planned exit”.

A partner with leading accountants and business advisers DFK Crosbie since 2007, Renae won the Dux Award in the Taxation Institute of Australia’s 2010 Applied Tax Course (no small achievement—it’s the premier professional tax organisation in the nation).

Her specialties include accounting, business management, taxation strategy and planning, and a fabulous knowledge of the hospitality and medical industries.