DFK Crosbie Team Newcastle


Sam Bacigalupo

Sam Bacigalupo is a management accountant who believes ‘black and white’ is a useful phrase to remember when it comes to tax planning, and understanding your true position in terms of wealth.

“Seeing your true position in black and white is the first step to creating peace of mind for any business owner.”

According to Sam, that’s true whether you’re a knockabout type or a corporate gun.

Originally from the Central Coast, Sam is now based at DFK Crosbie’s Newcastle headquarters. In between, he spent many years working for large agriculture clients in regional New South Wales.

That time in the bush may well be responsible for his pragmatic approach to not only taking care of your tax, but making sure you get extra value that benefits your business. Sam has extensive knowledge of trading structures and small business capital gains tax concessions.

Sam Bacigalupo is a Chartered Accountant who has a Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Business.