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Inventory management is a crucial aspect of your hospitality business. There are many challenges which businesses face when it comes to stock control or inventory management. Whether your business is small or large, inefficient stock control causes loss in profits. Having poor systems and controls in place, and lack of support are some of the other challenges you might face when it comes to stock control.

Having regular accurate stocktakes aren’t just important when a business changes hands or at the end of the financial year. They help you to identify any problems and maximise profits.

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Efficient and Stress-Free Stock Control Services

We have worked with a large number of clients in the hotel and hospitality industry to streamline and organise their stock control.  We take the stress of inventory management off your shoulders with our efficient processes and advice. Through our expert services we make sure you have the right systems and support in place to ensure your profits are being maximised.

Stock Control

Key Services

We have an in-depth understanding of the hospitality industry and our stock control team perform independent and accurate stock takes to give you peace of mind that your business is running to its best. Our aim is efficiency within your business. We offer:

Group 9

Regular independent
stock takes


Review of your POS, systems and controls to highlight areas for improvement

Group 7

Accurate and efficient
stock takes

accounting customer service

Extensive experience and knowledge of the hotel and hospitality industry

travel tax advice

Travel to your
business across NSW

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Why Choose DFK Crosbie

We offer an experienced team of professional stock management specialists. We aim to provide an independent and time-saving service, through the use of advanced technology and techniques.

Experienced Team

Our stock control team comprises of experienced professionals with extensive experience in the hospitality industry. We provide efficient, precise, and reliable stock control services.


You simply can’t have your eyes on the business 100% of the time. Our systems and controls plus an independent team of  experts can do that for you.

Time saving

We take care of your stock control so you have more time to focus on the business.  

Use of Advanced Technology and Techniques

Our experts harness the power of technology to review your stock and accounting. It means you get more time to focus on your business growth. 

Our clients'


dfk crosbie testimonials and reviews
By using their stock control and management services, I made the right decision for my hotel business. Their expertise in hospitality inventory management helped me review my shortages and put In place systems and controls for the future.
dfk crosbie testimonials and reviews
I am genuinely grateful to DFK Crosbie for their stock management services. They managed and organised my inventory and gave me peace of mind.

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